Monday, November 22, 2010


3rd round of chemo given today. my one wish? another christmas with him snuggled up close, snoring in front of the tree in the soft glow of lights and ornaments and dreams.

(pentax, fuji neopan 1600)

update november 26th: i just printed this and cannot believe how gorgeous the quality is- much better printed than transferred to CD (as this was) from the negative. richer, and though it still has these soft grays, there is more contrast to ransom himself. it's going up on a wall :)


  1. May ALL your wishes come true...

  2. Hope your wish come true.


  3. Sounds wonderful... well unless he drools all over (smile). Hang in there! And keep on smiling! Many kisses and thanks for your kind words. I am really touched.

  4. I'm convinced your wish will come true!
    He's a very pretty one. :)

  5. Yes, all the best wishes, hope this turns out good! Nice photo, btw. :-)

  6. Wait, what do you mean "3rd round of chemo"? Whom is given? I wish every thing is going fine with you. My best wishes. Actually, I am little bit worried. Hope nobody is ill.

  7. GORGEOUS photo. poor little guy--here's to his health.

  8. Fei An- my sweet boy Ransom pictured above- who has my heart entirely. He is battling an aggressive lymphoma. They told us about 4 months with treatment, we are half way in. His tumors have stabilized and are not shrinking anymore, but not growing either. But they will eventually become resistant to treatment.

    And Kenza, bulldogs don't drool, so we're lucky :) They only dribble after they drink water.



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