Monday, January 31, 2011

lake alice

lake alice

lake alice

sky, lake alice

dudley farm path

double exposed, lake alice

just a few shots from (again) lake alice and dudley farm, these taken with the holga 135 using kokak max 200 film. i was really shocked at how beautiful the sunset on the lake developed. i forget that every now and then you can get such a clear shot with a holga :) i still prefer the surprises and the dreamier ones though!

oh! and i meant to ask, what are you all listening to these days? some faves? songs that move you? links if you have them too. i am in need of some music and was very greatful to Elisabelle for this gem of a find. i bought the whole album after one listen and find myself smiling after i watch this version of je veux with every viewing.

Saturday, January 29, 2011



horse water

fence and tree

forest path

branches and sky


on the farm



shadow wheel



there are countless nature reserves and local/state parks in our town. many places to hike and trails to wander. this was the first time i'd visited an historic farm though. it was simply magical. as you can see, i was particularly enamored with the chickens. i am anxious to get the the film back from this little trip- i'm sure you will be seeing more chickens :o)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

autumn tree

i will miss these fall colors and golden hues come spring...

(holga 135, film: lomography 100)

Monday, January 24, 2011

by the lake

lake alice, Canon AE-1

lake alice, canon AE-1

lake alice, canon AE-1

lake alice, canon AE-1

sunset on the lake

sunlight speckled water through brush

spanish moss and sky

twiggy sky

lake alice, canon AE-1

lake alice visitors

lake alice

lake alice

branches and sky

lake alice, canon AE-1

lake alice, canon AE-1

i recently borrowed a canon AE-1 from a friend at work to try out as i've seen the results from other photographers and fell in love with the tones the camera appeared to produce (more golden it seemed). i have so much to learn and find this piece of equipment, for whatever reason, to be challenging! i have no idea why some of these photos are grainier/lighter or a bit overexposed taken in the same setting where others seem rich and full (and i'm happy with both effects). the meter seemed off to me based on my knowledge, which i admit is lacking, but when i compared these to similar shots taken with my pentax they were different. of course, i was using a sizable zoom with the canon and i guess i need to take that into consideration as well. at any rate, it's time to take notes and mark my settings and begin the hard work of really learning! i'm lazy when it comes to those sorts of things.

i am doing a fair job though of photographing more people this year- strangers by this lake here and in my prior post, that waitress. that one especially took courage and i barely framed it to get the shot i was so nervous!

(and to clarify, that alligator is roaming free, lake alice is a nature preserve on a local college campus that is very large. we often see gators there and know to be cautious. they usually just sun bathe and don't bother you, and i used a zoom to take that photograph, though admittedly i wasn't that far from him).

(canon AE-1, fuji superia 400)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

drive by trees and a trip to see the MDs

drive by trees, pentax







waiting for elevator

view from clinic room



rain and fog from hospital

done for the day

each year, our daughter travels some distance to follow up with her specialists. and not that any of you have ever asked (which i find incredibly respectful and i thank you for that), but to give you a bit of our story, she has a condition called spina bifida. in her case, a true (and probably multiple) myelomingoceles in her lumbosacral region of her lower back which have caused paralysis of her right leg and have limited her ability to use her left (weakness). we were first told she probably had a myelocystocele (extremely rare and far more complicated), but learned after a second opinion that this was not the case. at any rate, these photos were taken on our way to and from and during our wait for her urology follow up exams, which went beautifully! she is such an extraordinary little girl that we are so blessed to be parenting. she has amazing strength, spirit, and determination and such a joyful disposition. and so far, she's put up with mom lugging around a few cameras everywhere we go :o) naturally, we stoped at our favorite highway dive for an old fashioned southern breakfast as well~!

(pentax, kodak gold 200)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

meet the newest member of our family, Jiji :)




this was a birthday gift for our daughter who just turned 5 on the 17th... but i must say she's been a treasure for the whole family. it's been a year and a half since our beloved Gambit passed away and what a delight to have a little kitten! i have always adopted older cats, so i haven't had the pleasure of taking care of a little one since childhood. Miss Jiji (named after Jiji of Kiki's Delivery Service fame- and who she looks nothing like) is almost 6 months old. she is incredibly sweet, loves to curl up on your chest or lap to sleep, is generous and playful, and even comes when she's called~! she had such a rough start at life, found on the side of a road near death and the rescue group that took her in was certain she wouldn't make it. but through their tireless efforts, they were able to save her. she fought infection after infection, along with some bouts of GI problems but is basically healthy now. she and ransom get along just fine too and snuggled together for the first time last night, after only a week in the same home.

welcome little girl! we are very much in love with you!

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