Sunday, January 23, 2011

drive by trees and a trip to see the MDs

drive by trees, pentax







waiting for elevator

view from clinic room



rain and fog from hospital

done for the day

each year, our daughter travels some distance to follow up with her specialists. and not that any of you have ever asked (which i find incredibly respectful and i thank you for that), but to give you a bit of our story, she has a condition called spina bifida. in her case, a true (and probably multiple) myelomingoceles in her lumbosacral region of her lower back which have caused paralysis of her right leg and have limited her ability to use her left (weakness). we were first told she probably had a myelocystocele (extremely rare and far more complicated), but learned after a second opinion that this was not the case. at any rate, these photos were taken on our way to and from and during our wait for her urology follow up exams, which went beautifully! she is such an extraordinary little girl that we are so blessed to be parenting. she has amazing strength, spirit, and determination and such a joyful disposition. and so far, she's put up with mom lugging around a few cameras everywhere we go :o) naturally, we stoped at our favorite highway dive for an old fashioned southern breakfast as well~!

(pentax, kodak gold 200)


  1. I have just read a book about a Mom taking her girls to places to see Violin and piano teachers. And here is you, Dear K, take your girl to see specialists. And I admire so much of your calm and positive attitude to your girl on the contrary to the Mom's yelling toward her healthy girls....
    Look at her beautiful smiling face, I am so touched....This is what "happiness" about, I suppose.

  2. she is so beautiful and her smile is irresistible!
    your photos are very moving.
    sending warm thoughts your way.

  3. Her gorgeous smile and cheerfulness in your pictures didn't have me think twice about her condition, her amazing strength and spirit I'm sure reflected all that is in the person behind this camera! Sending good thoughts to you across the miles...

  4. Hi! pretty photos, and such a beautiful daughter, she shines, best wishes with her. The new member of your family is so cute and soft laying in the stairs.

  5. Your daughter seems to be truly amazing and i love the favorites are: 2nd, 4th, 10th and 13th.

  6. thanks for all the lovely comments... our daughter is truly an amazing girl. she came to this country just over a year ago and has adjusted beautifully for all that she has been through. a story for another time :)

  7. Your daughter is so beautiful. Her smile is cute and so happy. I love all your photos. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Thanks for this post - words and photos! - and for sharing yr family with us...

  9. Yours photos are a delight... and your daughter has a truly beautiful smile... good luck, good everything...



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