Saturday, January 29, 2011



horse water

fence and tree

forest path

branches and sky


on the farm



shadow wheel



there are countless nature reserves and local/state parks in our town. many places to hike and trails to wander. this was the first time i'd visited an historic farm though. it was simply magical. as you can see, i was particularly enamored with the chickens. i am anxious to get the the film back from this little trip- i'm sure you will be seeing more chickens :o)


  1. Ooh I would love to visit. There must be several species of chickens as i don't recall seeing these here. looking forward to more chicken pictures :)

  2. looks like a great place. I come visit, too :)

  3. you must live in a very natural and pretty place by places you visit and the photos you take, isn't it? haha. beautiful!

  4. there are just a lot of nice nature reserves around us... and yes, it's a fairly small college town that is strict about how it zones and builds, and we are very "green"- lots of trees. they don't let you cut down much when you build here. very lucky that way! not so in a nearby city :o( i love this area for it's young vibe and the college culture, but sometimes i miss being in a big city.

  5. So beautiful light! The kid are always excited to see birds and animals. I like this kind of nice and quite small town. I live in a very small two but very near Oslo, half an hour to drive. So, I have both, actually, big and small:)
    I am amazed by the chickens.

  6. i know these chickens are beautiful, aren't they? i will ask what kind they are the next time i am there (saturday, in fact). we are like you, an hour from a large city, 1.5 from an even bigger one :) so we sort of have the best of both worlds as well Fei An~! thanks for all the kind comments. lately digital is just not doing it for me!

  7. The trip looks very nice. I like chicken too, they are funny. Your photos are terrific. I can well imagine the past.



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