Wednesday, November 24, 2010

detour: a pasture along our way









it's interesting that when i first view my own film (particularly from any of the Holga rolls), i initially feel a bit unsure or cautious. it's like i am viewing them from the years spent using the dslr (aka the computer that records light rather than writing it onto film- and there is such a difference). i don't know what i am expecting, really. i only know that the longer i look, or the more i come back to the same shots that i originally discredited, the more i appreciate them for their imperfections. film is organic that way. you grow in love with its work, its surprises, and even the mistakes (that sometimes become happy accidents- do you see the horse in my daughter's face?). and there is a softness in the grain that is not achievable with my digital- at least not straight out of the camera as i prefer.

(all photos shot with the holga 135BC except the last 2- pentax k1000. film: kodak ektar 100- inspired to use by Astrid and Solve who shot much of their NY trip using the same)!


  1. I am so in love....very much in love with these photos. Now I want Holga135BC for my birthday lol!


  2. Beauty can be found in many places, if we care enough to look closely... these reminded me of the happy moments we spent with the kids in Australia.

  3. I love the imperfection of holga 135BC. All these pictures are truly inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Yes, I will definitely buy myself a holga 135BC soon:)

  5. Oh I love this set! And your words are beautiful.
    Your daughter is a jewel!
    (I tried to post a comment earlier but it seems it did not work so I hope I am not being redundant.)

  6. I always love the accidents with film: like the double exposure.
    this set is luminous!



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