Saturday, November 27, 2010

tees over trees over sun

trees over trees over sun

no happy accident here. i actually tried for this one and was pleasantly surprised that it worked.

(holga 120N, fuji pro 400)


  1. K, can you tell how you did with this picture? I am amazed! What a joy, isn't it?!?
    Have a very nice weekend.

  2. with the holga, if you don't advance the film, you just take a second photo... the first one (darker trees) i just shot as usual, the second, i held the shutter open a bit longer to over expose, so the trees look lighter (or, maybe they come out that way because they are being written onto a piece of film that has already been written on?)

  3. breath taking, is :)


  4. Very dreamy, not unlike a Hobbit's view of the enchanted forest...

  5. i absolutely love this! how beautiful. double exposures are great.

    thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and regularly leave comments. most appreciated!!

  6. beautiful! looks like "my" trees here in the North:)



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