Wednesday, December 15, 2010

and once in awhile, a good roll of film.

g shoots

look out

the prarie

hint of double exposure, prairie

the prarie

through the fence

double palm and sky

sunset and palms

sunset palm and cloud smoke

sunset on the prarie

sunset palms

sun, palm, and skay

sun and sky

the warmth of a beautiful sunset on the prairie 15 minutes south of our little house. the thrill of rushing to beat the clock before the sun disappears. and the bigger thrill of waiting for these rolls to come back, never imagining that for a moment and maybe for the first time, you felt you'd captured the world just as it was on that day.

(holga 120, kokak ektar 100)


  1. beautiful pictures! it's nice that feeling that you say about captuing the world just as it was, because somentimes is sooo hard to reach that result. You capture a beautiful sunset :). Watching your photos make me wish more and more a lomography camera :(

  2. Number 5. 30 x 30" in a beautiful teak frame, shipped to Australia for Christmas.


  3. wow! isn't that wonderful, Lauren wants your photo for Christmas! congratulations Kitchu, these are just wonderful, you know that you just need to wait and the magic between you, the universe and your roll of film will shine.


  4. Those cloud formations are insane! Real pretty.

  5. It looks so warm and lovely. Here is so cold and snowy.

  6. lauren i would if i could! this is such a great complement, i am truly humbled. happy to send along a digital copy via email? :)

  7. If never been here before…..glad I found you! These are wonderful shots, I can't quite believe they came from a holga!

  8. suzie i was thinking the same thing. i was shocked when i got this roll back. but i think it's the kodak ektar film that really made these :)
    thanks for stopping by!

  9. oh wow!!! these shots are absolutely fantastic! what a treat! thanks

  10. Alright--I want to visit this prairie! Great shots, it looks like these photos were fun to take.



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