Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mohammadreza's work

I found this site I'm not sure how long ago, but definitely quite some time before I began my blog. He claims he is not a photographer but I am absolutely in love with his work that is both simple and dynamic. He has an amazing eye. Have a look and spend some time pondering his incredible work. It's a place that feels sacred to me and one I visit often. Below are just a few of the photos I love- though honestly, it's impossible to make such a choice.


  1. Thanks for sharing, these are beautiful and so are yours!

  2. Dear kitchu! Thank you very much. This is very exciting to me. It feels as an on-line exhibition of my photos picked by a real photographer. Your words indeed mean to me and I hope to deserve it word by word.
    Thank you all for the comments.



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