Sunday, February 6, 2011


i honestly cannot describe to you how much i love this dog.
i have never in all of my life loved an animal this much.
to call him animal is just silliness. he is my family, my best friend,
my boy, my buddy.

he has special powers, as a friend once said :o)

and every single solitary day i wake up and i still see this smiling face,
well, that is the best damn day ever.

i love my Boob.

and i did just type that for the world to see :)


  1. of course he has special powers! anyone can see that :)
    i said it before, but he's adorable.

  2. I can understand you very well. I miss my dog, who was fourteen years my one and all. Who has accompanied me everywhere. She was my best friend. I often think of she.

  3. Your dog looks very nice. Good night.



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