Monday, February 14, 2011

i recently found this heartwarming little short anime on a favorite site i follow, and thought it fitting to share on this day. hope everyone's Valentine's is filled with the world coming to life in new ways, punctuated by the kind of unconditional love that is often found between a dog and his or her person :)

i have found myself coming back to this song over and over again, one that brings me back to those first days when garth and i reunited and he introduced me to Ellis Paul who i fell for after hearing just one song. each time i listen to his melodic voice and pay closer attention to his heartfelt lyrics, i am reminded of why garth has always been a faithful follower. and i see so much of "us" in his music. i hope we meet him again one day. he once said he'd play at our wedding, but we're not holding him to it... *wink*.


  1. i see yer anime, and i raise you one Eveyln Glennie


  2. I feel the same way about dogs, and I hope some day Narelle will too.

  3. It was so very sweet to start my day, birthday, with this (: Thank you!

  4. You have such a pretty blog :)



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