Monday, March 14, 2011

the small town urban life

marriage of equals


out for dinner

out for dinner

reflection of love

street walking

sunset bike

tree at sunset, downtown

waiting to open

main st., downtown

parking garage light

her wheels

tin roof

(canon 50D)

such a beautiful weekend to stroll and stop for dinner at a local pizza dive. hope yours was wonderful and filled with some sunshine.

my thoughts have been with Japan daily. i am thinking of you, friends.


  1. These are so peaceful and beautiful. I love the long shadows and the fading light.
    My thoughts are in Japan too, it's so incredibly hard to believe, so hard to take in.

  2. The photo of the couple kissing, the long shadows.... lovely. :)

  3. Ah, the kissing photo, 5th one down--so sweet!

  4. really beautiful glowing afternoon light!

  5. These are just so wonderful. I can't decide which one I like best.

  6. What beautiful spring pictures! It looks hot in the photos, so that one does not need a jacket more. Wonderfully. I like the many clear details on your photos and how do you lapses the life on them.

  7. These are stunning! such an inspiration.... thank you!

  8. The 5th and last photos are my favourites. Wonderful!

  9. such a beautiful light in these photos!
    and yep, my thoughts have been also in Japan, how else. and i think it´s also good we are thinking of people in there. sending prayers and try to help how ever it´s possible.

  10. My favorite is the kissing picture. Very successful.



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