Friday, April 29, 2011

friday favorites


dinner waits


attitude :)


red chairs

(yashica mat-124, film)

me and those fans, again. happy weekend to you all! i am off to actually develop some negatives. like, really develop them. on to real live photo paper. no, i've yet to do that if you can believe it! i have only scanned them to a CD! crazy i know. now to see the real work, as i am sure they will be far better on paper.


  1. :) yay for fans!
    love the second one, too!

  2. your comment on my other blog (this can save your life) is absolutely wonderful!! thank you so much for that input!

    is that your daughter? she is adorable!!!
    and your dog! he got a snarl lip! hahah

  3. You have done a very nice editing to this set of picture, dear K! And I love the mood and the square cutting of the pictures:)
    Have a nice weekend!

  4. Fei An, this is a medium format camera, so it is straight out of the camera- they are automatically "square" :)

  5. I love those. Perfect pictures of everyday-things. That's the best.

  6. i am also in love with picture number 2. its beautiful.
    u are so right. i also should get some pictures on paper. everything stays digital here. shame on me :(

  7. make it easy: yes, this is my daughter :) and believe it or not, Ransom doesn't have much of a snarl lip, it only catches once in a blue moon, and not much at all! i'm surprised you could see it in this photo! he is well bred so he doesn't have much of an under bite.

    we are cherishing every day with him as he is fighting in his last days with an aggressive cancer.

  8. These photos are unbelievable. And I am crazy about your daughter's leggings!

    About us moving, we have to move to have Eva go to a better school district - some schools in Philadelphia are simply scary and it turns out that if we move just two blocks down the street we will be able to have her go to a really nice public school. It's crazy!

  9. the 1th is so lovely. So lovely.

  10. oh, exciting! i hope they'll be more than you expected!

  11. I thought you were going to devep them YOURSELF. Like during the all week end, in the darkroom...

  12. oh i wish i could!! i don't have a room set up...! or the materials/equipment. that is a future plan though :)

  13. You know what, I've also only ever scanned to CD, never ever printed them out, now you've got me thinking =) These photos are great, I have fetishes for certain objects as well *lol*

  14. These are fantastic, and I hope your development adventures are too!



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