Saturday, April 16, 2011

a picturefull

this bliss

the woods

sky wire

the boob


(yashica-mat 124, kodak ektar 100, film)

really loving this of late... (working on compiling a "picture perfect day" mix to listen to while i'm shooting, something i have never tried, and this song is one i've included among many others i am happy to share if anyone is interested- maybe in future posts?).


  1. In five minutes I'm on my way to my work - This is a beautiful song. Perfect for that road. I'm always interested in new songs that inspire.

    P.S. These are very nice photos. I love them all, the photo of your girl and your dog, and the perspective from the ground.

  2. unfortunately i cant check the song out but it's such a great pleasure to look at ur pictures. my favourite is the one of ur daughter. love the composition and colours AND the joy. beautiful!

  3. i really love these. and "picture perfect day" mix sounds like a lot of fun!

  4. these are so wonderful!!
    a huge crush on your sky!

    i'd love to hear your "picture perfect day" mix!!!

  5. Lovely captures of Spring!
    (Ohh, how I want to maul your dog!!!) :O

  6. Oh this is perfect! (and intense...) You captured Spring like no one else!

  7. I especially like the clouds. Beautiful.

  8. All of these pictures look so beautiful together! They would make a great collage!

  9. L-O-V-I-N-G these photos! There is so much joy in the top shot!! Fantastic!!

  10. This set of photos are lovely :) And keep the music recommendation coming!! It's such a soothing piece :)

  11. Beautiful as always. I love everything in the first one.

  12. So beautiful greens. So beautiful leaves.

    Thank you so much for your very sweet and kind comment on my small weather diary.

    Happy new week from Finland!

  13. This is another set of excellent pictures and another piece of beautiful music! Love and love the green, the grass and the leaves and her smiling face:)



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