Monday, April 4, 2011


anime fans (pic by e)

Thank you Sun for the Versatile Blogger Award! I am not feeling versatile so it was very sweet of you to think of me :)

Here are seven simple facts about myself: (well, maybe not so simple?)

1. i love anime (picture above was taken by my daughter at yes, you guessed it, an anime convention from last year. that we all attended). just call us a family of geeks. we are! my fiance is directly responsible for my love of this art.

2. my name is not kitchu, it is a nickname that only one sister calls me- it all started with 1 nickname from 1st grade that my father gave me, morphing into kricky which my oldest sister then turned to "kitchu". it is her name for me and i cherish that. my other sister calls me "katchu" or "krissy" and no one outside of my family ever refers to me this way. i think i would be mortified! i don't like to share personal names here, but my name is actually kristen (though, interestingly, i don't go by that either).

3. i have a small tattoo :o)

4. when i was a little girl, i remember telling a teacher i did not want to be a nurse because i didn't like their hats, their skirts or their shoes (i was very much a tomboy). i am an oncology nurse! it's a good thing the "uniform" changed. my dream was to be a photographer/writer.

5. i lived in Bangladesh for 2 years and Iran for a year when i was a child. i cherish the memories i have of that time and i think those experiences have greatly influenced who i am. i have traveled to England, France, Italy, China, Thailand and Trinidad as well. i do not like to fly, but i love to see new places and learn about different cultures. someday: JAPAN! (the 2 days in Tokyo at age 8 i barely remember).

6. i never thought i would be a mother :) it has been one of the greatest blessings of my life.

7. your struggles in life will ultimately make you stronger. pain has power to either bury you or transform you. it transformed me.

now i'd like to pass this along to some friends: karen, natsumi, elisabelle, & evaforeva who i would also like to know a bit more about :)


  1. This is a funny coincidence - we have the same name, and I am also a nurse. :) Thanks for sharing, get to know you better. This is very interesting.

  2. Your welcome, and thank you for answering this too :-)
    I envy you for having a lot experience in other countries, it might be very inspiring to see other cultures. And I agree with your no. 7, I believe it depends on what we decide either you want to see it as something for you to learn or just being miserable. Glad, it transformed you in a good way :-)

  3. Oh, it's great to know more about you...
    Thanks !-)

  4. I was curious about your name for some time coz it just sounds like a name you can't say without smiling :) It has a lovely sound. Thanks for thinking of me. Like you, I would love to visit japan one day. I'm too chicken to have a real tatoo but I've ever had a fake one of a dolphin on my ankle that lasted for two weeks. I'd love to hear about your stay in Bangladesh some day.

  5. Thanks so much for sharing these personal moments from your life. I will have to put something together this week.
    Say hi to Ransom from m :-)

  6. I feel the exact same way about flying and traveling. How I wish someone had invented a teleportation device already...



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