Thursday, May 26, 2011

here, there, everywhere. and a eucalyptus tree.

toes in the wilderness

eucalytus tree

the park


the door (way)

cycle shadow

rainy day drive


jiji and ransom
(pentax k1000, film)

sorry for my absence in visiting all of you. parenthood, kindergarten registration (eeek!), work, life, a lovely visit from my eldest sister, tornadoes racing after family in texas (all safe!), and making time to (what? relax?) all the while revamping my entire eating habits and how i approach food... well. it's been a long and interesting week to say the least. i've barely picked up the camera but thankfully am getting some nice rolls back ;)

thank you for continuing to stop by and say hello. i sometimes feel as though we're still just getting to know one another, and that is a beautiful thing. i am daily inspired by all of you!

here's to a 3 day weekend- ahhhhhh. now if only i can work in some couch time like ransom and jiji~!


  1. That pic of Ransom and Jiji is soooo wonderful!
    They both beckon to be mauled, kissed...then mauled again. ;)

    Hope you have a relaxing weekend!

  2. Love the picture of your daughter. She's sweet!
    Have a beautiful weekend!

  3. I hear you! Life does interfere somewhat with our plans! I'm also on a health makeover program……..good luck with yours!

  4. The colours and hues here are incredible! The last shot made me smile!

  5. your have the gift of capturing beautiful moments so wonderfully. I so love the last picture.

  6. jiji and ransom are the cutest!
    i love this set, everyday moments beautifully captured in film.

  7. These photos are wonderful! I love eucalyptus!! I can almost smell of them....
    Have a wodnerful holiday weekend!

  8. good to hear that ur family in texas is safe. it's so crazy to see these tornados on the news. i get all scared and so very sad for those poor people who lose everything they had.

    the pictures are lovely. my absolutely fave one is ransom and his buddy the cat. such a cute capture. heartwarming :)

    oh, and ur feet-shot turned out great too. such sweet contrast of ur nailpolish and the green of the underground.

  9. your photos are so beautiful... calming in some way :)

  10. Same for me, no time for cpmment, or to tired...
    Nice pics as always !-))

  11. Love the tones.. The image content is also so warm

  12. this is my first visit to your blog & i wanted to say i really like your photos



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