Thursday, May 12, 2011

imagine me and you, i do

so happy together...

ransom, jiji


chair time

ransom and jiji

buddha belly Boob

(pentax k1000, fuji superia 800, film)

the cat really has a thing for the dog. and while the dog likes to pretend that he'd rather have his space, the truth is, the dog kinda digs the cat too. i find them sleeping together often enough :) and before Ransom started feeling as tired as he does these days, he'd toss Jiji's mouse to her and they'd have a game of fetch together when the mood would strike. it was pretty comical. especially when Ransom would realize we were watching him and he'd try to act all "i'm not into this. what? i'm not playing. not with the cat. this isn't me playing with the cat. there's no fun happening here".

(on this day though, The Boob was happy to have his chair back to himself, in need of a nap. his tumors are alarmingly large now, growing so rapidly. 7 months have passed since diagnosis. he spends much of his time sleeping, which gives me great comfort).

don't you just love his buddha belly? garth likes to call it his 6 pack. ha! ransom gets lots of extra treats these days and waddles around the place lugging his weight to prove it. that is just fine with us. that is just fine with us.


  1. *heart melting*

    This is so lovely, I couldn't even tell ya! :)

  2. such a cute story. i am smiling all over my face.
    i can imagine him so well pretending not to be that much into the whole cat-thing :)

    today i visited my parents. well actually i just went to my parents place to visit my dogs. i am going again saturday. miss them.

    hugs to u and ransom (and maybe also to the cat?)

  3. I've been wondering for a while, like your dear ransom reacts to the cat that was new to the house. But I believe - when I see the pictures - he loves her and she loves him.
    Thank you for each photo, they go to my heart like that. I would like to pet his snout, it looks so soft.
    Big kiss for ransom!!!

  4. oh how i wish you could pet him- and his snout is super soft and so kissable too :)

    it is hilarious to watch him toss the mouse to her. funnier when he turns around and looks at us as if to say, "i didn't do it"... he does love her. he's just tired now.

  5. Oh my goodness. How funny. I was smiling while reading this (as I often do when reading your posts). That's just it. I just realized that your writing brings out emotions in people whether it's laughing or crying - the readers are engaged all the way. You are gifted.
    xoxo to Ransom!

  6. sorry to all of you who left a comment and it is now gone- blogger was a BUGGER yesterday and my post disappeared and now, so have all your lovely comments :O(

  7. I was wondering about that! Anyway I want to say that these pictures all give me awarm fuzzy feel I wish I could reach out and hug them :)

  8. Hopefully all the problems are fixed now, :-S
    Anyway i really like the result of your camera, it give some deep color on each photos, i like the third photo of your cat.

  9. i hope they will re-appear at some moment.
    have a nice weekend. give ransom a big hug from me :)

  10. those two are adorable. great pics!

  11. i wanna cuddle him on that last pic!

  12. Awww, best friends!! So sweet.



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