Monday, May 30, 2011

this day

the irony of these words

local son

along a local street, honoring those who have sacrificed their lives in war since September of 2001 to present day. these small gravestones covered just over 2 miles of road, and are only a handful of those who have fallen in battle. the second shot depicts a young man who did not return home to my town. i stood in this spot for a long while thinking about his mother.

i was struck by the words in the first photo. mission accomplished.

peace ribbon project

at the beginning of the fence along which these beautiful tapestries hung were these words:

"The Peace Ribbon honors victims of the war in Iraq by creating a memorial to the soldiers and Iraqi civilians who have died as a result of the invasion & occupation of Iraq. Help us to create a panel for each life that has been claimed by this war. They will be displayed around the U.S. to remember and honor those who have died. Join us in this tribute by making a panel".

i lingered and read the stories, some with so few words, some full of color, some with none, each filled with a mixture of pain and hope.


innocence lost


cost of war


  1. Yup .... lump in throat... crocodile tears in my eyes....

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  3. May peace be with them and with the world!
    Thanks so much for sharing this.

  4. it's terrible. strange world...

  5. These are some really powerful images. Like you, I was also struck by the poignancy of the words "mission accomplished" and moreover the contrast with the final image detailing the "4 million displaced Iraqis; 13,000 G.I. suicides" highlighting that for so many people the horrors of the war are far from over. With regards to the G.I. suicides, I looked at PTSD for a sociology paper recently and I was shocked to learn that last year more troops on active-duty took their own lives than were killed in combat and 6,500 vets commit suicide every year. I can scarcely imagine how hellish the reality of combat must be to lead a person to do that. (LA Times article) report)

  6. Sorry, the correct link to the LA Times article, in case you are interested (the other one was wrong!):

  7. so sad.
    hopefully we someday will live in peace.

  8. There is nothing glorious or beautiful about war, but we have to remember that He has a bigger plan than what we can fathom, that He allows such pain and suffering to happen for a reason...

  9. i disagree Serline. we, as humans, have free will. we choose our path. we can let God guide our lives, or not. i am fairly certain no God would wish for this kind of pain and suffering. the God i know is a God of peace.

  10. thom thanks for the links and your comments.

  11. Sometimes the cost of war is too much to bear. Such a thought-provoking post Kitchu.



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