Thursday, May 5, 2011

today i will look up

i picture you in the sun

sunflower and bee

easter sky


in the sun

looking up

pine sky

for you mama
(pentax k1000, fuji pro 400 and kodak ektar 100)


  1. Dear K, I got your email. I got the news that my girlfriend passed away because of breast cancer last week so I was very low. Sorry for not replying....

    You shootings are so beautiful, completely stunning! Love the sky, reminds me of heaven.

  2. Thank you Kitchu :-)
    You've beautiful photos as well.
    I love to take a walk and take pictures around me,
    especially with lot of sunlight, sky and trees.

  3. I'm melted by your last image!
    Such beautiful images with a wonderful idea!

  4. oh so beautiful.
    can't stop looking at the sunflower and sky picture!

  5. The sky is stunning. And of course you little girl is too cute! She has a haircut just like mine!!



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