Sunday, December 5, 2010

one in five


out of 36 photos, this is one i actually liked out of a total of 5. am i the only one that suffers this fate? :) it seems with every roll, there are only a handful that i like or come back to later and learn to love after discerning the outcome (which in most cases had little to do with any skill, which i am sorely lacking in film photography after so many years away from it and away from using a manual camera). i think in a future post i will upload my rejects. that will be humbling and sobering, which will be good for me. it's a learning experience.

(pentax, lomography 100)


  1. When we spend a lot of time with digital cameras, we pick up the habit of snapping at everything and worrying about picking and choosing later. Guess this will be costly with film...

  2. I admire that you're persisting despite the odds. I tried once and had only one good shot which I didn't even like! I love the look of film though. NIce shot!

  3. Every time I pick my film photos from the lab, I am always in dismay, I thought they are not worth of posting or not even worth keeping but at the end of the day after I scan them, after I see the uniqueness of every grains and color tones and after It reminds me of what happened on that day when I took the photos. Then I realized how special those exposures are to me.

    I know, It is the same way with you too.

    Looking forward to see your "rejects" photos and I am sure they aren't what you think of them :)


  4. This photos is beautiful, but I know what you mean about being disappointed when you get film back. It's so easy to get swept up in the moment when you are shooting only to find that what you were able to capture on film is nothing like what you experienced. It is one of the things that (while challenging) keeps bringing me back to film photography--not knowing what the results will be is both exhilarating and frustrating.

  5. that is so true Maggie. and it's the reason i won't ever stop shooting film :) (though i do give myself a break and grab the digital often enough too!)

  6. that´s a beautiful one!
    i have bee taking just bluewhiteblue-photos lately. i was longing for some colors for my photos already;)

  7. Lovely pic. I have the same feeling about my photos...

  8. I don't know when I am going to try out film photographing. However, you do make me motivated, and I have smelt the excitement of film photographing...Thanks for this!



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