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this treasure, as you can see, is dated back to christmas 1863 and was given to the recipient, a relative of mine, in Elmira, NY. the name (Charles Thurston) was passed onto my grandfather, Charles Thurston Ramsey. which leaves me guessing as to who its owner actually was- this Charles Thurston not carrying the last name Ramsey, he wouldn't be my grandfather's father or grandfather. it has been in our family since my grandfather passed more than 20 years ago now, and i coveted it as i am the one avid journal keeper in this family and like all my siblings, i had a unique and close relationship with my mom's dad. i was both surprised and elated when it was passed onto me by my mother after her death.

it's difficult to make out some of the writing, but my guess is that this Charlie Thurston was a teenager at the time as he wrote of playing ball and Sunday school and visiting the Second Street Cemetary with his friend, John Robinson :) i wish i knew the story of this journal and that my dear grandfather were here to share it with me.

i pick it up once in awhile just to remember him, even though these are not his words or his pen. they are still connected to him through generations, and therefore to me. i adore the soft worn leather, the silky pages, the almost 150 year old script.

(pentax, lomography 100)


  1. Great story and fantastic picture.

  2. I am imagining the smell of that treasure. I love old stuff that's why I frequented at the antique shop here. you are one lucky girl to acquire such beautiful wealth. one lucky girl also for having a thoughtful family that still keep family treasure.


  3. Ohhh how I covet old journals... anyone's. I have kept one since I was about 7.

    I'm so jealous! What a wonderful snapshot of distant family history written on those lovely pages in such timely script... Just Beautiful.

  4. Oh, I like the feeling, holding an old journal, and reading the handwriting...I smell the time.



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