Saturday, January 1, 2011

bringing in the new year

by the pond


fall color in winter


street corner light

the enf of fall


tree and 2 tone sky

tree light

tree reflection, leaves on water

rail and shadow

here's to a year filled with discovery and love and joy that is immeasurable. to our beautiful daughter, inside and out, who shares herself so unconditionally with us. to new and old friends, to family, to the challenges that made us stronger for not having killed us :o) to the past, to the future, to those we wish were here to bring this new year in... to the same who live close in our hearts and memories. to dogs beating cancer odds and marching on with us into day one of 2011 and beyond.

here's to picking up our cameras, over and over, to capture the next year as it unfolds. thank you so much for coming here and for being a part of it all. i am thankful to each of you who consistently leave such heartfelt comments and to those of you who lurk, i am thankful that you take the time to browse amidst the colors and shades, the sharp and soft edges of our life :)

the happiest new year to you!

(pentax k1000, fuji superia 200- i think? or 400?)


  1. Oh thank you! what a treat! the colors are sensational. Happy new year to you and your family. Many kisses.

  2. such beautiful words!
    these photos look so full of golden light, what a promising glimpse into the young new year...
    all the best ***

  3. Happy New Year to you and yours! May it be filled with immeasurable happiness! And those photos? So absolutely filled with the promise of things to come.

  4. The three last photos I just adore.
    All my best wishes for the New Year!!

  5. Dear K, Thank you for warm words and your beautiful photographing works. To browse amidst the colors and shades, the sharp and soft edges of you life :) brings joy and peace to me.
    I am so blessed. Happy new year!!!



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