Sunday, January 2, 2011

sometimes a small town


alley light

through the windows

on the wall

door and leaf

the 3 of us reflected

ornament walk


table and chair

along main street

table through window

local sub shop

with our cameras

tree shadow


face in the glass

walking stick and wheels

cluster of brown leaves

grated leaves

gutter of leaves

leaf blown

red leaf


e on the fringe


a lazy stroll through a sleepy town on New Years Day. who knew a place so small could be filled with so much magic? i am certain most of it was created by us and the infectious joy that comes from spending quality time together doing what we love most.

all shots with my canon D50 and straight out of the camera. i never understand what i do to cause some of them to have such beautiful white backgrounds or look so bright/vibrant (E with her long stick and the last photo). i really like it though! anxious to get the 4 rolls of film back :o)

hope you all have had a splendid weekend!


  1. your photos are amazing
    love your blog

  2. Those are fantastic! I didn't know that E needs a walking stick and a chair. She look so happy though. She look so loved. How great it is for her to have you!

  3. oh sorry annalyn! she doesn't actually need the stick, she just loves picking up pieces of nature and taking them along with her. i was amazed she could manage her chair and the stick!

  4. beautiful photos! You have a special look at
    a small american town. I like the photos very much. The smile of your little girl is very, very pretty.

  5. Thank you

    * * *

    I very like your photos!

  6. I love all the pictures which have E specially:)
    Her smile lights my heart.
    The color of the third one is amazing...
    Looking for ward to see more pictures from the films...

  7. These are gorgeous pictures, I love the leaves!

  8. Wow, I love the details and every little thing you capture...

  9. Some pics are great, lovely, atmospheric. And the colors and the light...



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