Thursday, January 6, 2011

holga surprise

country road


wall and vine

the ancient downtown

sunset downtown

old building

christmas ball


freaky exposure


i just got back 2 Holga rolls that were taken in that same sleepy town not 20 miles from our home over New Year's weekend. i was bewildered and awed by the differences between this set and the shots i took with the same film and camera at a nearby prairie. It is fascinating to me the range this camera produces, from crisp, sharp images with bold, rich colors, to the blurry muted magic that was produced above, by no skill or fault of my own as this camera operates of its own volition. I have come to respect that and even though my eye might have seen something crisper, or foggier, or brighter with my own eye, the Holga proves again there is an entirely new way of seeing the world I am attempting to capture- and that is a gift, yes? I'll call it the Holga gift :)

i hope you enjoy them too.

(holga 120N, kodak ektar 100)


  1. I always want a holga. The atmosphere of the photos taken by it is really special.

  2. they are fun, that is true. i am now remembering that when i was pressing the shutter with these, it felt very "soft" and wasn't making it's usual little plastic "click" so i wonder if this might have been what caused these to come out this way.

  3. Yeh, you're right... So strange but beautiful...

  4. these are beautiful. I think I need to get a film camera, too. will be a whilte, tho... :(

  5. Me too. I will buy one soon:)

  6. Petra these Holga's are extremely cheap. I paid $30 US for mine. They are a piece of plastic, literally!



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