Thursday, February 17, 2011

the things we never say


the things we never put into verse. a note of thanks. a long glance. a leaf turning green to sunset orange then red. the giggling bubbling upward spiral of your smile. or the way your hands run wild through the grass. a secret kept until the last breath. a long sigh and a lingering goodnight. soft kisses that never were. harsh truths that were never meant to be anything less. half lives spent wondering. what if.

(canon 50D, 100mm macro)


  1. Dear K, oh my, your words, so beautiful and meaningful. And your picture... speechless.
    I wish that God can grant me 1% of your talents, then I will be so satisfied...I am dreaming.

    I am bit busy this period of time. I will come and read all your beautiful posts later.

    Have a great weekend. Hope everything is doing fine with you...

  2. thank you for this. beautiful way of saying be present.

  3. Your words are very beautiful. thank you for this moment.

  4. this is such a true and beautiful little piece of writing.

    another beautiful things though, is that these things we never say, we still communicate, and they make traces in our surroundings.




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